In addition to our business services, we also assist with the preparation of the journey from Spain. Similarly, we facilitate mobility and advice on the purchase of transportation tickets as well as on the best tour and route across India.

Based on our own experience, we suggest accommodation, getaways, activities to do in every city and recommended season to travel. In2Light propose a holiday pack to get closer to the culture of the country, always keeping in mind the interests of our clients and offering a sustainable, responsible and social tourism. Volunteer opportunities and aid and development project visits in India are an option too.

Likewise we provide assistance regarding Spanish travel insurances and medical and hospital services in major tourist spots in India.

Our goal with someone who wants to visit India is to give our best, which is our experience. We make adaptating to India easier, so you can focus in enjoying the culture, religion, gastronomy and many other positive aspects beyond clichés of a country waiting to get unveiled. We will provide an organized plan between several cities and tourists destinations and, overall, different alternatives to relish the true essence of the country.

A service personalized just for you, according to your needs and interests.