We help companies to contact professionals, corporations and institutions according to their needs. We offer advice regarding legal issues, setting up, market research, business development and collaboration between Indian and Spanish companies.

The main objective of In2Light towards companies and its employees is to facilitate, on the one hand, landing in India, contacting local businesses and institutions able to answer their questions. On the other hand, offering them a service that fits their needs. We pursue that the company only focus on business matters, so they can optimize time and resources during their stay in the country.

Business Services

· Visa and immigration processes: registration formalities at the Foreigner Regional Registration Office of India/ FRRO, bank accounts, etc.

· Medical guidance, including orthodontics and all kind of health services.

· Short-term accommodation and assistance to settle in.

We manage relocation services anywhere in India for employees of any company. We provide local contacts for all kind of trip both in and outside India.

· School hunting and educational guidance

We provide advice and information about various schools in the area where the family will be living. We have experience in international schools and nurseries.· Alojamiento a largo plazo.

· Long-term accommodation

Finding a home in India is one of the most complicated points due to expectations and to challenges that this country presents.

We have the means to provide to each person the perfect house for them. Similarly, we help in terms of decoration, furniture, etc.

· Negotiation, management and renewal of lease contracts

Assistance during all kind of issues concerning the lease: negotiation of contract terms, tuning-up the house, etc.

All related data is stored in our database, so we can inform our customers about possible renewals and new registrations avoiding any concern from their side.

· Repatriation and departure services

When employees return to their home country or change their work position or location, we take care of termination notices, always fulfilling the terms of the rental contract.

We deal with inventory when entering and leaving the house to avoid potential claims. For this, we have local legal advice partners in major cities of India. Additionally, we can also give information about how to sell items that will not be relocated.